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Spinach Alfredo 04Who would have thought the day would come, when literally the possibilities were endless!? Pizza companies have evolved and allowed their guests to essentially become the pizza makers OR Pizza-ologists if you will! If you haven’t tried it, you NEED to. You’re kids will LOVE it too.

Many people don’t realize that we are a custom-pizza making company. We can create just about anything you ask for.  This all goes back to being part of the INCREDIBLE activity and we care about every last detail. 

 We have plenty of ingredients to make each pizza as incredible as ever, no matter what crust, sauce, or toppings are needed. If for some reason, we don’t carry a certain topping our Food Service Directors and kitchen staff are great at suggesting substitutes, BUT we have several options:


 ranch, 1000 island,  garlic oil, pesto oil, marinara, garlic butter, BBQ sauce, Buffalo sauce, Alfredo sauce, re-fried beans,Homemade salsa chili


Pulled pork                               Tomatoes

Ham                                       Green Peppers

                                                 Black Olives

Pepperoni                                Onion (yellow and red)

Pork Sausage                          Spinach

Beef                                       Mushroom

Baked Chicken                         Broccoli

red bell pepper                        Cheddar

Squash                                   Zucchini

Pineapple                                Jalapenosuper foods

Black Beans                             Banana Peppers



We’ve received many requests. We allow our guests to essentially build their own pizza and try NEW things! Our pizzas are a work of art. We have a VERY creative kitchen staff here at Incredible Pizza Company and they make every pizza or dish with care. 

Hot Wing 04

olive-oil-and-olivesAs you may already know, we have made many improvements to our buffet recently, but one of the recent improvements is our pizza! Our pizza has always been INCREDIBLE, but now it’s even better! We have changed our dough recipe to remove saturated fats and now our crust is made with 100% olive oil. This increased cost may affect our bottom line, but we made this decision because we care about our guest’s health.

According to Medical News Today, “Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which is actually a major component of the Mediterranean diet. Populations from that region have longer life expectancies and lower risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke, compared with North Americans and North Europeans.” Olive oil is better for your heart. SGF-Vegan-Pizza-2 (1)

Our main goal, with any major change we make to our buffet, is to overall benefit the incredible activity for our guest. Creating healthier foods is a huge part of that & we will continue to go above and beyond to better your activity!



Incredible Pizza Company (IPC) is a great destination  because we cater to people of all ages and groups of all kinds. Our passion is to bring smiles to our guests faces by providing an incredible activity in a safe, family oriented environment.

Many of you might not know this, but there are certain benefits to booking a group event with us. I am going to walk you through the in’s and out’s of group parties at Incredible Pizza Company and by the end of this you will have a much better understanding of what it is we have to offer.

First off, in order to qualify as a group, you MUST have 10 or more people in your party. If for some reason, you aren’t able to get this many fellow IPC lovers to join you, you may still enjoy an incredible activity, you just won’t have the group activity.

Secondly, if you have a group of 10 or more people, you will qualify for several group discounts that you wouldn’t normally get when coming in with a group of less than 10.

Third, we can hold up to 1000 people at one time. We can host parties of anywhere from 10-1000 people. The sky is really the limit here at Incredible Pizza Company. 

Fourth, your group will not only be able to enjoy our UNLIMITED buffet and 108 varieties of drinks, but we also have over 100 games in our Fairgrounds area, along with our 5 main activities, which include laser tag, go karts, mini bowling, our XD Theatre, and our bumper cars.

Lastly, we are extremely flexible with our schedule and have been a great venue for family reunions, sports team parties, corporate events, project graduations, church retreats, and many others.

Don’t waste another minute! Call our groups department at 918.294.8671 and book your group event today!