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Andy doesn’t remember the last time he got to relax after coming home from work. Sometimes “time off” feels like clocking in for a second shift. With an aging house and three kids, there’s a never-ending honey-do list on the refrigerator. The list, it stares at him from the fridge, mocking him—and somehow repopulating itself each night. One item gets scratched off, just for three more to take its place. He wouldn’t mind the work so much if it provided him peace, but it often takes place to the soundtrack of his children bickering.

Known for: being able to fix virtually anything with duct tape, at least temporarily.

1. Laughing with his wife and kids over the crazy dinner conversations they have when there’s no list taunting him from the refrigerator

2. Playing laser tag with his family. If only to-do items were as easy to annihilate as the other team’s base.

3. Sometimes, when his kids all scatter to play their favorite video game, he talks his wife into playing guitar hero with him.