The next buddies event will be Saturday, August 1st 2020.


First Saturday of every month from 8:30 – 10 am Sensory Friendly.


We have worked with our Partner organizations to fine tune our game room to the best of our abilities, but please note that there will still be a variety of noises and lights. We hope with these changes and our INCREDIBLE BUDDIES, that we can create a welcoming and fun environment for our friends with special needs!


“Loud Zone” signs will be up in certain areas where we found it difficult to alter loud sounds. We encourage headphones for anyone that might be sensitive to this, and we’ve purchased several pairs that can be obtained at our check-in station free of charge (just be sure we get them back)


Special Notes about Attractions:

• Our Bumper Cars will have the strobe lights and deck lights turned off, and our music will be turned down lower than normal.


• Our Lost-in-Space will have 2 reduced speed settings for those who are feeling daring! We will also have strobes turned off and our music lowered.


• Our Laser Tag arena will run alternating games that last 5 minutes. Our hazer will be off, and we will alternate between “lights on” and “lights off” game types.


• Our Mini-Bowling area may be closed during this event.


• Our SpringTown Trampoline Park is going to have 10 minute long jump sessions. Only 1 person to a trampoline please on the main court. If extra assistance is needed, the helper can assist from the mats that run between trampoline squares or you can enjoy being on the trampolines together in our dodgeball area located in the back. In our dodgeball area, we ask for a limit of 3 people per trampoline. We will not use our loud buzzer, but will use a megaphone to make a quieter announcement of when “Time is up!”


With the help of The Arc of the Ozarks, Camp Barnabas, and Down Syndrome Group of the Ozarks, we have been able to receive expert advice on how to make this program as impactful as possible. We realize that this new program will take some time to fine tune, and we are excited to continue learning along the way.


We HIGHLY encourage our participating families to provide us feedback so we can continue to make this program more accessible, more engaging, and more FUN for our Incredible Buddies!






“Incredible Buddies Means To Me”


In collaboration with our partner agencies