Debbie isn’t sure when pandemonium became a constant in her house, but it seems to be there to stay. Each of her children are delightful people in and of themselves, but as a unit, they are a force of nature. A force of nature that’s taken over her home and left destruction in its wake. Sometimes she wonders how four people who are each so lovely can spend so much time bickering over anything and everything, no matter how ludicrous. The only thing worse than the bickering is the silence, which often signals a plot is afoot. That never bodes well for her.

Known for: Having eyes in the back of her head. Well, at least, her kids are convinced of this fact.

1. The variety on the buffet means there is something everyone will like, so there’s no arguing over what’s for dinner.

2. The blessed silence while everyone is eating. It’s a rare silence born of contentment, not subterfuge.

3. There are plenty of places for her to sit and chill while her kiddos are having fun. She can watch and be part of the fun… from a distance.