Tabitha used to live in a house in the suburbs, but these days it feels more like her car is her home away from home. (So she’s super happy she sprang for the heated seats.) Tabitha and her family have been hit by the plague that’s sweeping the nation: extreme busyness, which is an apparent side effect of having a well-rounded child. There are days when Tabitha leaves her house at 6 am and doesn’t see it again until it’s time to collapse in an exhausted pile on the bed that night. She’s not really sure how the chores are being squeezed in. It’s a bit of a blur, but since nobody has dysentery, she’s sure they are in fact being done.

Known for: Spending more hours behind the wheel than most NASCAR drivers do.

1. Since nobody has to make dinner, she and her husband can focus on each other and their daughter

2. She gets to soak in her little girl’s laughter

3. All the craziness of the day just melts away. When they step through those doors, it’s all about her family and spending time together.