Spirit Nights

Incredible Fundraising Opportunity!

Fun, effective way to raise funds for organization!

• School Athletic Clubs

• Music and Drama Clubs

• Youth Groups

• Not-for-profits

• Charity Events

• Parent Teacher Associations

• Cub Scouts

• Churches

Host your Spirit Night with Incredible Pizza and we will help you market your event!

People are always looking for innovative ways to raise money for their schools and organizations. One very successful way to earn funds can be with an Incredible Pizza Company Spirit Night FUN-raiser. Bring your supporters in for an evening of food and fun and you have an incredible fundraising event that is hard to beat.

Teachers, students, parents and friends can host a Spirit Night fundraiser at Incredible Pizza Company and earn up to 20% of the sales generated for the evening. Simply schedule a weeknight (Monday-Thursday) and your FUN-raiser will receive a percentage of sales from each person that you bring in for a night of entertainment. You can easily earn $500 in a few hours!

Incredible Pizza offers everything possible to help you promote your Spirit Night. Once scheduled we will create a custom flyer to help you market the event to your friends and family.

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