Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf

Top 5 things people love about this activity

1. Glow-In-The-Dark Course

2. Fun With Friends

3. Open Year-Round

4. Fun Quiz Questions

5. Obstacles


#1 Glow Mini-Golf

Glow Mini Golf

Experience Route 66 when you putt your way to fun on our indoor Glow Mini Golf Course! You learn about the U.S. as you twist and turn along Route 66. Glow Mini Golf is a strategic and safe way to enjoy a friendly competition. Joke and laugh with each other as you try your hand at each hole.

Our mini-golf course is themed to have 8 stops along the way based on the interesting and historical locations along route 66. Some stops have interesting facts and information for you to enjoy. Also, the course is completely glow-in-the-dark!



Safety First

• Group Size: A maximum of 4 players are permitted per group. Please allow faster playing groups to play through.

• Start: All players in group hit their first shot, then proceed together for their second shot.

• Play: There is a 6 stroke limit per hole. The ball may be moved 6 inched from all curbs and obstacles.

• Out of Bounds: If your ball lands off the course it is considered out of bounds. Please place the ball back where it left the course and take a 1 stroke penalty.

• Safety: Please hit the ball gently. Do not make full swings with the putters and keep a safe distance behind anyone putting.

• Food & Beverages: Are NOT permitted on the course.

• For Your Safety: Swing putter head no higher than knee level. Please walk only on the walkways provided Climbing on or around structures, streams, and pools is prohibited.

• Keep an eye on all small children.

• Be considerate of others and enjoy your round.

• Please do not tee off until group ahead has finished.

• Failure to follow all the rules and instructions could result in injury to you and others and loss of privileges without a refund.