Rides & Attractions for All Ages!

*On weekdays all locations run a rotating attraction schedule*

Laser tag, bumper cars, and more! You’ll have no problem having a great time full of family fun in our incredible fairgrounds. We have more attractions than any other family entertainment center. Our incredible fairgrounds (which has an arcade, video games, rides, attractions, and Tiny Town) is completely indoors, temperature-controlled, and staffed with an expert entertainment team. Remember, rides and attractions vary per location. 🙂

Spinning Roller Coaster

Can you think of any other family restaurant that has an indoor spinning roller coaster? We’ll let the ride speak for itself.

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XD Theater

This 4D simulation ride is no joke. Immerse yourself in this multi-sensory experience and you’ll likely want to ride again — and that’s nooo problem because there are several larger-than-life destinations to choose from before the ride begins.

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Lost in Space

This activity is a lot like a classic tilt-a-whirl ride, minus waiting in line at the scorching hot county fair. We’ve got you all set up to ride, spin, whirl, and…we hope you have a strong stomach. This ride has several two-seater encasements to keep each rider safe and secure while having an incredible time.

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Prepare yourselves for the race of a lifetime on our indoor Speedway Track! We offer a speedy pedal-to-the-metal race for those who consider themselves pro drivers, and a more conservative race for our young drivers and drivers with passengers. No matter which speed category you fall under, our vehicles are state-of-the-art and contain the latest safety features. Each Go-Kart is equipped with a guard rail around the bottom of the car, adjustable seat belt straps, and we do frequent maintenance to assure that all cars are in working order daily. Our pit crew takes the time before each race to assure that all racers and drivers understand the rules and safety guidelines.

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Laser Tag

You’re about to be transported to space to carry out an important mission. Gather with your unit to strategize how to earn the most points and how to take down the other team’s home base. You’ll feel the adrenaline rushing through you as you hide behind corners and maneuver throughout the arena while trying to tag your opponents before they tag you. Enjoy state-of-the-art sound effects, atmosphere enhancements, black lights, and modern vests and phasers. Our lasers are completely safe and powered by a radio signal that is transferred from the phasers to players’ vests. When the signal is aimed correctly, the laser beam tags an opponent’s vest and points are scored.

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Bumper Cars

Have you ever ridden a wild animal while spinning in circles? Do you want to? Our electric bumper cars are a roaring good time. Control which way you ride and spin with levers while bumping into other riders with the car’s super durable rubber bumpers!

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Mini Bowling

The lanes are shorter, the balls are lighter, and those pins are on fire! Mini bowling is fun for people small and tall AND you don’t have to wear stinky bowling shoes for this activity — we just want to see you have a great time!

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