Birthday Parties at Incredible Pizza

best birthday party ever

Go big for the BIG day!!

Well hey there incredible friends! We’d like to take some time to share a few best kept secrets about birthday parties at your local Incredible Pizza Company!

Here’s some of the questions we get asked the most often from our wonderful guests!

Question: Can I bring in my own cake for my kiddo’s bday party? 

Answer: Absolutely! Bring in that beautiful cake, momma (or daddio)! This is all about making the day special for your child. Of course we do have ice-cream cookie cakes which can be purchased for $14.99, but if you’ve got a special cake feel free to bring it in! 

Question: Can I place my brought in cake in your fridge?

Answer: Depends! Sometimes we have the space, but it is not guaranteed 🙂 If there is room, we will gladly store your cake before it is time to serve!

Question: I have a group of 12 people, can we just show up and book a party right there on the spot?

Answer: We have specific private rooms with party hosts- just for you! We are happy to book your special day over the phone or online in advanced! However, we do have walk-in birthday party options, click here to see more!

Question: I purchased a gift card but want to book a party. Can I use the two together?

Answer: Unfortunately, gift cards can’t be used on parties or group events. However, you can still use your gift card to take advantage of our current deals and specials when you visit us!

Question: Does each party package come with decorations, and can I bring my own instead?

Answer: Yes, each party comes with tablecloths, cups, plates, cutlery & napkins, and party hats! Of course, if you’ve got a theme or special decor you’d like to bring in, you are more than welcome to do so. 🙂

Question: So just what all can we do during a bday party at Incredible Pizza Company?

Answer: We are so happy you asked!! Depending on what strikes your fancy- we have so many things to do! From go-karts to bumper cars, to laser tag and more – there’s fun for the whole fam! And, don’t forget the food!! You’ll want to make a few trips to our all-you-can-eat-unlimited buffet- that’s packed full of all the goodies- from savory pizza to sweet cinnamon rolls…you’ll think grandma just baked them!! You can even request pizzas be brought to your party room. 

Each party has a certain amount of time designated for the party (cake, gifts, time in the party room), 90 seconds in our ticket blaster, spin our prize wheel, activities like all the big things (rides, go-karts, in some locations VR games, etc), and fun in the game room/arcade which is just jam packed full of video games, old fashion ski ball, basketball shoot-out, air hockey, and MORE! 

Depending which package you select you might even get some extra freebies like FREE tickets for the guest of honor!

Question: I see you have glow parties? What’s that all about and is that in every Incredible Pizza Location?

Answer: Thank you for noticing our glowing parties! These parties are only available in our Springfield and St. Louis locations. Each party guest receives a glow mask, glow necklace and bracelet, we turn the black lights on…and it’s a PARTY for all! We even throw in special glow cups and napkins, plus a few other glo add-on options. If you’re in Springfield, or St. Louis, MO please give us a call to learn more: 877-250-4999.

Okay friends, that’s all the time we have for today…but we’ll be back soon with more Incredible info just for you! 🙂

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