Hand Turkeys & Pumpkin Pie Cookies, OH MY!

It’s #TurkeySzn and we’ve got some fun recipes and activities up our sleeve for you and your fam to try at home!

Thanksgiving means a lot to us here at IPC…We love any chance we get to bring family and friends together. That’s why we’ve got the perfect way for you to spend time with your loved ones this Thanksgiving!

Spend time cookin’ 

What better way to bond with friends and fam than cooking up a scrumptious dessert for after your Thanksgiving meal? We’ve found the perfect recipe for some PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES (um… yum) that’s super duper easy!



Gettin’ crafty with it

It’s time for the infamous hand turkey that everyone knows and loves! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…. Literally!

Step 1: Trace your hand on a piece of paper

Step 2: Decorate your hand turkey: Add a beak, eyes, wings, colors, festive hat, etc.

Step 3: Admire the beautiful hand turkey you just made

BONUS STEP: Enter your drawing on our Facebook post to be entered into a Family 4 Pack giveaway!

Winner will be announced in our 11/30 email! Not signed up for our emails? No problem, you can sign up here 🙂

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