“All of our delicious new buffet items will be available for lunch and dinner!”


We are happy to introduce three versions of quesadillas into our buffet item family. All three options are made on a flour tortilla that is brushed with garlic butter to create the perfect golden brown shell that’s heaven to bite into. The tortillas are then filled with tasty Gouda cheese and your choice of Chicken, Shredded Pork, or Veggies. The veggie option contains spinach, green pepper, and mushrooms.
A side of sour cream and some of our homemade spicy salsa will go perfectly with these new quesadillas, so don’t hesitate to make a stop at our condiment station!


We’ve gotten so many requests about adding burgers and we finally have them! Our sliders begin with a burger patty that we hand-press and season in-house (no frozen patties here). They are topped with a slice of American cheese and assembled on a soft, delicious bun. Is cheese not for you? We have cheese-less sliders ready to go, too! The flavor is all up to you — visit the salad bar and/or condiment station to top your slider with whatever your heart desires!

Baked Chicken Legs

We’re happy to introduce baked chicken legs onto the already amazing cafeteria style buffet. These bone-in chicken legs are seasoned with lemon pepper and baked to perfection. These chicken legs pair perfectly with any of our home-style sides, such as mashed potatoes and gravy, baked potatoes, green beans, broccoli and rice casserole, or alongside our fried chicken if you have trouble deciding! Are you a habitual food-dipper? Grab a side of our many sauce options so you can dip them in flavors like hot wing sauce, ranch dressing, bleu cheese, or 1000 island dressing!


We worked long and hard to come up with some delicious new sandwich items. We taste tested many options and the four that stood out are our BBQ Pork, Hot Wing Chicken, Chicken Pepperoni Ranch, and Italian sandwiches. Every sub roll is brushed with garlic butter to keep them moist and delicious and the Gouda cheese in each of these subs adds even more flavor that’s practically to die for. Our BBQ Pork option contains BBQ pulled pork and red onions. The Hot Wing Chicken option contains shredded chicken drenched in hot wing sauce and our Chicken Pepperoni Ranch option has shredded chicken, sliced pepperoni, and is drizzled with ranch dressing. Our Italian sub has pepperoni, ham, and creamy Italian dressing. The cheese is so Gouda, we had to mention it twice (that’s right — melted Gouda cheese is on all of these hot sub sandwiches).


*Mon. - Friday until 4pm
*Unlimited drinks are included.

Dinner & Weekends

*Mon. - Friday 4pm-close & all day Saturday - Sunday
*Unlimited drinks are included.

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With a cafeteria-style buffet (where required), we offer much more than just pizza.