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Build Your Own Incredible Pizza!

Although, we do provide a number of amazing, delicious, hot and ready pizzas on our buffet, you may have a craving for something on the wild side, a childhood favorite, or just want to take your own special pizza back to the table with you to share… or not to share. Before we go over the options please keep in mind these custom creations may take 8 minutes to prepare for you. Here you go:


regular • lavosh • pan • gluten free


Yes • No


Tomato • Alfredo • Mustard • Barbecue • Hot Wing • Pesto • Garlic • None


Pepperoni • Ham • Beef • Sausage • Chicken


Green Bell Peppers • Red Bell Peppers • Tomatoes • Onions • Jalapeños • Pineapple • Black Olives • Mushroom • Spinach • Zucchini • Squash

Gluten Free Crust Available Every Day

Made to Order – Just Let One of our Chefs Know


The Celiac Disease Foundation has found that 1 in 100 people worldwide are affected by celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. That’s why Incredible Pizza Company has been offering gluten-free pizza for several years. Our gluten-free pizza crust is made to order with rice flour and is also free from dairy, egg and soy. We are also extremely diligent with kitchen practices to prevent cross contamination from items with gluten.

Gluten Free Customers, Please Note: Factors outside our immediate control such as suppliers, recipes, and kitchen preparation could impact the possibility for food items to come in contact with other food products, like Gluten. Our staff routinely consults with guests to prepare meals based on their allergy or dietary requests accurately.

We know that it is hard to find gluten-free options when you’re dining out, so if you’re looking to get out of the house for a meal, come out and enjoy a meal with us. Just ask of our chefs at the pizza buffet to make your very own gluten-free pizza with the any toppings you want! Our guest tell us it’s the best gluten free pizza they have ever had.

Vegan Options

Try our new vegan pizza! Incredible Pizza is pleased to now offer our nearly perfect pizza pie in a completely “Vegan” option. We start with our signature crust made with our tangy tomato sauce. We have the best vegan cheese on the market. You also add your favorite vegetables to your pizza of choice. Gluten free pizza is available as well. It only takes 8 minutes to have a fresh, hot, delicious pizza at your table!”