Every Good Student Deserves Pizza

Teachers of all grade levels can take part in the Reward My Students program, making incredible memories for their students.

It’s that time of year again. Back to School!! The summer seemed to fly by. Now, as I get my brain back in school mode I get anxious about what I’ll do for fun with my students. This past school year wasn’t like any other! I like to use incentives in my classroom. Sometimes it’s simple things like an item from my prize bucket, a colorful pencil, or an extra 5 minutes at our recess time. This year, I wanted something awesome for them to do!

I had a teacher friend reach out to me about something she did with her middle schoolers and at their schools high school level as well. It’s called, Reward My Students, I was intrigued and wanted to know more. I looked at their Facebook page and the link above goes to the actual sign-up website area. Everything is sent digitally! Super convenient, the coupons are all there to choose from and they even attached a parent letter explaining the information. Teachers even get a FREE buffet once a month for signing up! If you want a more step by step explanation, here is a video of how to access the information.

Elementary Level: 

  • My plan is to use the Incredible Reader coupons. I want to have the students read a few books each quarter. I have a form that they fill out explaining the book they read with a small summary, plot, main character, supporting character, etc. you get the idea! These books are read during individual reading time, for instance. Then, once the student reads their books and completes the form, I get to make a fun announcement and give them their prize. The Incredible Reader FREE $5 game card coupon! They get extremely excited. It rewards them for working hard, and gives my other students incentive to keep reading and achieve their goal. There are lots of ways to implement this at an elementary level. They have many other types of reward coupons to choose from. (See the video above for more details).

Middle School/Junior High Level: 

  • My middle school teacher friend likes to use the Incredible Character coupon to reinforce kindness and being a good friend. Middle school students can really struggle with friendships and different changes, having more positive incentives and goals to work towards is amazing! My friend decided one year to have her homeroom class work extra hard to achieve the ultimate prize…Field Trip to Incredible Pizza! The students made some classroom goals at the beginning of the school year. Things like helping improve the school by picking up trash in the hallway, holding the door open for people at the entrance, and to improve their math and reading scores in the state test in the spring. What awesome goals! She said that anytime their behavior wasn’t aligned with their goals, she would check their progress. By the end of April they had completed their goal! In May they went on an awesome field trip to Incredible Pizza. The logistics of organizing a field trip weren’t hard. You just have to get administrator approval and use of the school budget from the office staff. Last year, field trips weren’t possible, with the district rules, but this year could look different. I know the students definitely enjoyed it.

High School Level: 

  • I think a great incentive for high school students could be the Attendance Award. It could be a monthly coupon to your 1st hour class. Generally, the 1st hour class is known for late arrivals or no show students. Every month of perfect attendance the student can receive the coupon. Some students might not care, but it gives the students that are trying a prize for their effort at school. You could possibly work these coupons on a whole school level, taking a field trip for perfect attendance during the semester, rewarding those perfect attendance students. Maybe an English class could utilize the Incredible Reader coupon in a more high school level way. Giving them an Incredible Work Award for a stellar art project or perfect score on a math test. The possibilities are endless. 

The Reward My Students program is a fun way to give your students positive incentives. It is something for any school age kid and it is something they can do with their family or friends. Whether you have an Incredible Pizza store location near your city or in close proximity, they will love this reward. They make it incredibly easy for you! Make this year awesome by bringing this into your classroom!

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