Incredible Experiences

Themed Rooms

As the 1950s reached economic prosperity, American diners found an enigmatic charm. Novelty became the focus for competitive restaurant chains, with stainless steel accents that reflect the innovation of the Spage Age. Guests seated in The Diner will get to view images displayed along the walls that are inspired by the journey of driving on historical highway Route 66, with eye-catching neon We’re Open! signs and all.

Our classic Starlight Theater brings forth nostalgia of visiting your local drive-in movie theater. This atmospheric dining area is an incredible spot to catch a double feature picture show up on the big screen. From playing our family-friendly flicks to dimming the lights for effect, there’s nothing quite like having an intermission from playing in our Fairgrounds to enjoy the concessions.

The Gymnasium will take you to the heart of what once was, and is still today, a gathering place for school and community activities. Guests dining in this room might recall memories of basketball games, gym class, and school dances. Featuring a basketball hoop, shot clock (which revolutionized basketball in 1954), flair that screams school spirit, and folding chairs to make space for dancing, this dining area is an ode to the good old days.

As families flocked to the suburbs in the 1950s seeking comfort, leisure, and cozy neighborhoods, the interior design choices of the time reflected the desires of the prosperous middle class. Inspired by the idyllic American life as seen on the television show Leave It To Beaver, we have created a space called The Family Room. Throughout this earth-toned space, guests will find family photos, a cozy fireplace, and a retro TV. Nothing feels quite like home more than The Family Room.

Cafeteria Style Buffet

Our cafeteria style buffet has something everyone will like! We made sure to include choices that even those super picky eaters will love. Enjoy our fresh salad bar, hot dogs, tacos, pasta, soups, home-style foods, desserts, and of course, the pizza, which is made from scratch every single day. 

More Activities Than Any Other Family Entertainment Center

You’ll have no problem having a great time in our incredible fairgrounds. We have more activities than any other family entertainment center. That’s why we deserve winning the title of “Top Family Entertainment Center in the World” from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAPPA)…and we won it twice!

Video & Prize Games

Are you out to set records? Do you save your ticket winnings to get your hands on that prize you’ve had your eyes on for a while? These experiences are all way more fun at Incredible Pizza. Learn more below.​

Big Top Prize Room

There’s no limit to the fun stuff you can win at our Big Top Prize area – just wait until you check out the incredible number of cool prizes! Get competitive, set a goal and play, play, play until you earn enough points to win the most incredible prizes ever!

Tiny Town!

Epic play time isn’t only for big kids. Our smaller guests (under 48 inches tall) deserve to have an incredible time, too! Each of our locations has a designated area for toddlers to play and discover what fun means! Bring your little one to this safe area for climbing, playing, riding, and unforgettable pint-sized fun.