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The summertime can be full of excitement, fun, and lots to do. We are about halfway through summer and my kids are starting to get restless. They have had lots of activities like tons of pool fun, camping, children museums, and some sports camps, but they needed a change in scenery. We decided to take a family vacation, because last year we had to skip it.

Any busy mom knows vacations can be so much work! I’m a busy mom, as all moms are, and I would be even busier planning the family vacation. Finding something to do that everyone would like can be such a challenge. My oldest Isabel, the moody 14 year old girl, then I have Maddox, my tiny but mighty 10 year old boy, and then I have little Zoey, my sweet 3 year old. As I was searching for things to do I found the common tourist sites. We definitely wanted to go to The Alamo, check out the San Antonio Zoo, and Splashtown Waterpark. Maybe I could squeeze in some time for a date night with my husband Jonathan! We really wanted it to be family centered and fun for all my kiddos.

During my search I saw this place called America’s Incredible Pizza Company. I checked out their website and it looked so fun! There were lots of game packages to choose from, they had a buffet, and it had a fun retro theme that was very cute. I saw other advertisements for family fun centers that are either too expensive, food to be ordered at high prices, or not kid friendly enough. I wanted to take them to a place where they can have great food, great fun, and great memories. They also have 7 different store locations, so there might be one close to you!

Note: Planning a family vacation is really simple with Google and using the Top Sites portion has tabs for things to do, travel, hotels, flights, basically everything you need to know for a trip to a new city!

Fast Forward to our San Antonio trip!! We had the best time. I’ll give some quick updates of our trip, but people, Incredible Pizza Company is a MUST visit!

Day 1: The Alamo was pretty fun, my teenager learned about its history at school this past year. I thought she would not be down to look at all the history stuff, but she was informing us about the different areas and more information about the battle. Proud mom moment for sure! 

Day 2: The next day we went to Splashtown! It was a really hot day when we went so the pool was very refreshing. My husband and son raced each other on the slides almost the entire day. Us girls, Isabel and Zoey played in the sprinkler park area. We also sun bathed quite a bit. By the end of the day Zoey had a meltdown, I think the heat and sun really did her in. Still a fun place, probably best suited with older kids.

Day 3: The following day was the San Antonio Zoo. We love to visit zoos when we travel somewhere new. Maddox and Zoey always love the zoo, seeing the many animals and all the kid friendly stuff is fun for them. We love the elephants! Isabel was a little moody today, but she knew she had to babysit later that evening for our date night.

Day 4: My hubby and I got to have a nice date at the San Antonio Riverwalk. The overall atmosphere was really cool. Lots of shops and restaurants. I got to buy a new outfit, shoes and all. Jonathan loves to read and found some classic old car books. There were lots of restaurants to choose from. We made reservations at Range, the restaurant of Chef Jason Dady. The food was amazing. For sure a 10 out of 10 recommendation! It was great to have a romantic and fancy date! We haven’t gotten a chance to be alone, no kids, in a while.

That saying, save the best for last was true! Our last day we went to the Incredible Pizza Company in San Antonio. It was probably the best experience we’ve had as a family in a long time.

Here are a few reasons why Incredible Pizza Company should be your next family outing:

1. Numerous Activities:

This place is a 80,000 square foot facility that has more to do than any other family entertainment center in the area! They have 11 rides, attractions, and over 130 video and arcade games. They have all my personal favorites like Bumper Cars and Laser Tag. My kids love their exciting rides The Scrambler, La Bamba, Lost in Space and a Laser Maze (ninja skills). Not to mention, they have unique things, the Glow-in-the-Dark Go-Kart track, and new virtual reality games!

2. Food Selection:

It has more than just pizza, they have a buffet! With hungry kiddos, a hungry husband or a hungry mom they have a big variety to choose from. They have over 150 food items. Perfect for even the pickiest of eaters. The buffet includes a taco bar, a potato bar, a pasta bar, a salad bar and you can’t forget the freshly made desserts. My teenager wanted pizza of course. They make MANY different varieties of pizza each day, with three different crusts: original, lavosh, and deep pan, made from scratch dough! This place even has gluten free crust!!

Allergen Chart: It is scannable on a phone to see all of the food items and what they contain. My youngest, Zoey and I have some dietary restrictions so that chart was a lifesaver, literally. Not a lot of buffets have that type of food chart to use. That is extremely helpful for lots of moms and their families.

3. Perfect for ALL Ages:

No matter the ages coming to Incredible Pizza Company, all will have fun! My teen was actually excited to hangout with family playing Laser Tag. I even got to take a few pictures of her! Maddox is always ready for a photo, he’s such a good sport. The Glow-in-the-Dark Go-Karts was awesome! The Virtual Reality game was interesting, we all tried it! You’ll see my husband was excited to check out all the prizes. It makes you feel like a kid again!

Maddox had a blast spinning on the Lost in Space ride and was on a mission to get as many tickets as they could with the claw machines and ticketed games. Isabel and Jonathan helped him out in his quest. They even have a Tiny Town, which is a special area just for your little ones. Zoey loved the inflatable areas, she was giggling the whole time. Everything in the area is little kid friendly! 

4. Incredible Deals:

They have an online store! That is super convenient for a busy mom like me. It cuts down on waiting in line and trying to figure out what package to buy. It was easy to access the website. I linked it here for you. Use code: MOM5 for $5 off any online store package deal!

Some of my favorite deals for my family are: 

No matter your family size they have lots to choose from. When you break down the cost per person on deals like this, you can see it is inexpensive compared to some of the other family entertainment centers in the area.

5. Even More Deals:

Sign-up for eClub for exclusive deals. Join through email and get in on their latest promotions, sales, and special offers! When I joined they sent me freebies so we could get our game on ASAP! Each month they have a new offer you can receive! Offers expire at the end of each month. Click to sign-up for eclub.

Incredible Pizza Company exceeded my expectations! They have even more packages and discounts for military, law enforcement, and a rockin’ report card system. Check them out on their website for more information, location store hours, and more at Incredible Pizza Company. I signed up for eClub and we will be travelling to the location in our home state. Can’t wait to go back, making incredible memories, at a place that is safe, affordable, and exciting for families. The Incredible Pizza Company is all about ‘Great Food, Great Fun, and Incredible Memories.’

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