Birthday Questions

Why do I have to pay a deposit?
In order to reserve and hold your private party room, we require a deposit be paid upon booking. The deposit will go towards your party balance the day of your event.
What decorations are provided for my child’s birthday party?
We provide tablecloths, party hats, napkins, cups, plates and a balloon bouquet for the birthday child to take home.
Can I bring my own decorations for my child’s birthday party?
Yes you can bring in your own decorations just no silly string, confetti, tape or anything that would damage the walls.
What does the host do at the party?
The host is going to cut and serve the cake, assist with thank you notes, do games with the kids and the entire cleanup.
When do I have to reserve my child’s birthday party?
It is always a good idea to reserve your party as soon as possible to ensure we have availability; ideally 3 to 4 weeks prior of desired date.
How many people can I invite to my child’s birthday party?
Each party room has an occupancy limit of 24 guests; if available, you can add additional rooms.
What is cost difference between a general dining party and a party in a private room?
There is no cost difference to have your party in a private room. No private host is provided for General Dining Parties.
Do you provide candles?
Yes we provide candles.
What are included in the party backpacks?
Some candy, bubbles, washable tattoo, coloring book and crayons and a Free Child’s Buffet for next visit. It’s not an adult buffet.
Do you provide a cake with the party packages?
We do not provide a cake. We do offer the option of adding on an ice cream cookie cake for $10.99, it serves 16 people and must be ordered at least 72 hours prior to party.
Do you provide invitations or thank you notes?
Yes you can pick up invitations at our store or print them off from your email.
How much time do we have in a private room?
The maximum allotted time is 90 minutes, which includes time to enjoy a meal together, eat cake and open presents; giving you ample time to enjoy your private celebration.
How does the buffet work?
The buffet and drinks are unlimited from the time you arrive until we close the buffet.
Is a party package the cheapest option?
If you are celebrating a birthday, a party package is the best option; party packages are discounted and your additional adults also receive a discount. Party packages also include additional amenities such as the Ticket Blaster, Spin the Wheel, Party Decorations, and so much more.

Group Questions

Can we bring in a cake for our celebration?
Does everyone have to do the same package?
No, you can choose multiple packages as long as you notify the group sales department prior to arrival.
Can you book a birthday party as a group? I don’t want everything that comes with a party.
Yes, however, group packages do not offer birthday party add-ons.
Do I need to pay for the event before the date of the event?
We do not accept prepayment for group events, unless a deposit is required. Once your meet the group minimum of 10 people, you will only be charged for the guests in attendance.
Is anyone available on the weekends to assist us with group information or a tour?
If you are needing group information or a tour on a weekend, please call our group sales department during the week to let us know, and arrangements can be made.
Where does our group go to check in?
Please check-in at the Party Place counter.
Do you have bus parking?
Yes, upon arrival you will be directed to the best location for your bus.
Can I use the military rate for everyone in my group?
We do not allow Military Discounts for groups.
Do you have a military discount?
Yes, all veterans, active duty, military and reserve personal receive 10% off entire purchase. *Must present valid U.S. Military ID. 10% off initial purchase only. Discount applies to immediate family members paying on one ticket at entry. Not valid for birthday parties, fundraising events or private group events.
What happens if we have less than ten people?
Group pricing requires a payment for 10 people on one ticket, otherwise you will pay full price.
Are private rooms available for groups?
Yes, private rooms are based on availability and require a deposit.
Can I use a coupon?
If the coupon says, "May not be used with group discounts or any other special offers", then no.
Can I pay with a check?
We can only accept a check from your organization; no personal checks accepted.

General Questions

What is an attraction?
We have 6 attractions; Go Karts, Laser Tag, Bumper Cars, XD Theater, Lost in Space & Mini Bowling. The Spinning Coaster is not an attraction, but can be added on to any package.
What is the cost of video games?
They range from $0.50-$3.00.
Do you have a play area for smaller children?
Yes, it's called Tiny Town. It's a section of our game room JUST for children 48'' and under. There's a variety of fun rides and games.
What do the attractions cost?
Attractions range in price from $3.00 to $7.00
Can I use the military rate for everyone in my group?
The military discount can be used for immediate family only.
Is Incredible Pizza just for kids? Is there anything for adults to do?
No, IPC is NOT just for kids, we have many fun-filled activities for all ages. Our newly expanded game room has more to offer with 6 attractions and more than 100 video and arcade games. In addition, we have an indoor Spinning Roller Coaster.
If there is money left on my game card when I leave will that be refunded?
No, but you may use the game card on your next visit, it does NOT expire.
Is there more to eat than pizza?
Yes; we offer All- American, Asian, Tex-Mex as well as our Incredible Salad and Dessert Bar. Nutritional Questions: i.e. dairy, peanut allergy, etc.
Please be sure to ask to speak with the kitchen manager on duty, who will walk through the cafeteria style buffet line and answer any questions you have.
Gluten-Free Options
We offer made-to-order gluten free pizza, as well as several gluten free dessert options, continuously adding more options.
Can we share game cards?
We believe in order for everyone to have the best experience, each member of your party should have their own card. We don’t allow the sharing of cards with either of the Eat & Play packages.
What does Incredible Pizza Company offer that other facilities do not?
We offer something for everyone with an unlimited cafeteria style buffet and drink, providing more than just pizza! Our newly expanded game room has more to offer with 9 attractions and more than 100 video and arcade games. In addition, we have Oklahoma’s first indoor Spinning Roller Coaster and Spring Town Trampoline Park!
What daily specials are offered that include food and drinks as well as games?
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What type of rides are in the Tiny Town?
We have several individual motion rides available for smaller children; such as, a miniature Carousel, Train and Track, and small cars.
Do you serve alcohol?
In an effort to maintain a family friendly environment for guests, we do not serve any alcoholic beverages.
Can you play attractions with the game card?
You must use your game card in order to play all games and enjoy the attractions; however, the Spinning Coaster and Spring Town require you to add cash to your game card.
How much money can you put on the cards?
When adding additional money to your card you can load any amount above one cent.
How do I claim my tickets?
All tickets won go directly on the game card used. You will use your card for payment at the Redemption Store.
Is Spring Town one of the attractions?
No. Spring Town is not an attraction, but can be added on to any package or paid for separately.
Do you have to purchase the cafeteria style buffet & drink to enter?
No. You can purchase a $10 game card if you do not wish to eat.
What kind of shoes do I have to wear?
Attractions require closed toed shoes be worn.