Incredible Games


Top 5 things people love about our Game Room

1. Something for Everyone

2. Transformers!

3. Winning

4. Receiving Points

5. Helpful Staff


Incredible Pizza Company is known for our extraordinary fun factor, especially with our redemption and video games. Go crazy for hours with over a 100 games of exciting adventure in our store. We are always adding new games to the mix to keep it exciting and state-of-the-art!

Newest Games

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Let’s Bounce: 45 illuminated tiles enticing players to step up to this challenging new game. The timer is set and 20 balls are released, our player accepts the challenge. Watch in excitement as they attempt to hit all the tiles! This game may be easy to play but it is a challenge to master. Come show us what you’ve got!

Space Invaders Frenzy: Two players wield futuristic plasma cannons to defeat waves of descending invaders to save the Earth and win big tickets! Who will you choose to join the battle?

Bean Bag Toss: This classic game is a fun and challenging spin on the classic bean bag toss. Face the timer and see how many bean bags you can toss into the three moving targets, which move and light up!

Willy Wonka: Players uses the joystick to navigate the metal arm that coins are dumped out of onto the playfield. If you are successful in pushing off a card, the card vends to you below. Collect all nine character cards, featuring characters from the film, while winning mercy tickets for dropping coins; 20 tickets for winning a card; 1000 tickets for collecting all nine cards; and 2000 tickets for getting the elusive Golden Ticket.


Incredible Favorites

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2 Types of Games

We have two types of games color coded with flags for you.

– Prize Games (GREEN)
– Video Games (YELLOW)


What We Offer

Here at Incredible Pizza Company we are always looking for fun and new activities for you to have every time you visit. Our game room is filled with a huge variety of games and we are constantly adding fun new games for you to enjoy. Here is an example of one of our newest rides