Incredible Graduation Celebrations

Graduation Celebrations

Fun Event Ideas:

  • High School Graduation Parties
  • End-Of-Year Scouting Banquets
  • Reward Scholastic Achievements
  • Athletic Team Rewards
  • Drama and Music Club Gatherings

What We Provide:

  • Quality All-You-Can-Eat Buffet
  • Healthy Menu Options, including our New Healthy Gourmet Pizzas.
  • Large Selection of Video Games and Attractions
  • Exciting and Safe Facility
  • Alcohol Free/ Safe Environment
  • High Quality Audio Visual Equipment
  • Big Screen TVs for Videos or Slide Presentations
  • Climate Controlled Facility
  • Private Rooms that can host up to 400 people
  • Full Facility Rental Available – host events up to 2,500 people


  • They have games, laser tag, go carts, bumper cars, or a 3D short movie. They also have a sectioned off area for the smaller kids. Love it!"
  • "The best part was you could choose your room to watch a movie while eating. I believe they had at least 3 viewing rooms but could have had more."
  • "I was amazed with the large food buffet and varieties. You could choose pizza, salad, fried chicken, hot dogs, veggies, and even tacos." 
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Celebrating High Achievement

graduation party, Graduation is a big achievement and a reason to celebrate. Whether you are graduating from high school, college, nursing school or a master’s program – it is a life marker. It’s truly a significant accomplishment. Your parents are proud and you are excited to begin your new life with new goals in mind. At Incredible Pizza Company we fully support your efforts with a graduation party allowing friends and family to come together in celebration. We have everything you need to make your graduation party a family fun event to remember.

, graduation party

Our graduation party planners provide seamless graduate party planning with extraordinary attention to detail, and on-site execution for the perfect party. Incredible Pizza Company believes it is essential to celebrate academic achievements in a big way. Pull an all-nighter full of pizza, soda, games and rides.

graduation fun, Incredible Pizza offers everything you need to ensure your group will have a great experience, safely for their entire stay. Our themed dining rooms and ability to cater to almost any party size along with our large selection of fresh foods is sure to meet all your needs and beat your expectations. Our event planners will listen to your requests and customize the experience to fit for your outing – all within your budget!