Thank you so much for looking into our Reward My Students program. This program runs August-May. Teachers who sign up in May can expect RMS resources to be delivered in August. Have a great Summer.

Teacher's Resource

We created this site to provide FREE rewards for teachers to use to reward their students. These are FREE $5 game cards that can be printed from the luxury of your home or school. You can print as many as needed for your class. Let your students enjoy Incredible Pizza Company as a reward for all their hard work.

We provide a bunch of goodies inside a packet that will be mailed to you before or during the month of August.

  • Your VIP teacher buffet pass
  • An incredible wall poster and flyer
  • Several sheets of coupons for your students
  • An informational letter for parents/caregivers

2019/2020 Teacher Handbook

2019/2020 Handbook

Your guide to getting started, learning about our resources and frequently asked questions.

What's Inside!

VIP Teacher Buffet Pass

You’re entitled to one free pass each month to access our unlimited 150+ item food and drink buffet. The pass can be used from August through May and will be hole punched each time you visit.


We provide an 18” x 24” wall poster for student names to be written on in recognition of their achievements.


The flyer provides an overview of the RMS program along with information about booking field trips at Incredible Pizza.

Student Coupons

You will have access to student coupons that recognize your friends for a job well done. There are rewards for a variety of achievements, which they can redeem for $5 in game play credit at your local Incredible Pizza.

Parent/Caregiver Letter

The last thing you need are parents calling in asking all kinds of questions. This letter explains the who, what, when, where, why, and how so that you don’t have to.

Field Trips

Planning incredible group events is one of our specialties here at America’s Incredible Pizza Company. With as little as 24 hour’s notice get a group discount for 10 or more people.

Rewarding Made Easy

We understand how difficult it can be to find the extra funds to purchase rewards for your students, but rewarding your students is essential to their development. Perfect attendance, good grades, and great attitudes are all deserving of incredible rewards.

Still have questions?