Tulsa's Incredible Activities

Dive into an immersive rhythm experience and slash your way through the beats of adrenaline-pumping electronic music. You are a dancing superhero!

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Racers, ready your engines! Prepare yourselves for the race of a lifetime on our indoor Speedway Track! We offer a speedy pedal-to-the-metal race for those who consider themselves pro drivers, and a more conservative race for our young drivers and drivers with passengers. No matter which speed category you fall under, our vehicles are state-of-the-art and contain the latest safety features. Each Go Kart is equipped with a guard rail around the bottom of the car, adjustable seat belt straps, and we do frequent maintenance to assure that all cars are in working order daily. Our pit crew takes the time before each race to assure that all racers and drivers understand the rules and safety guidelines.

  • Driver must be at least 50 inches tall to drive in a NASCAR Junior race
  • Driver must be at least 54 inches tall to drive in a NASCAR Pro race
  • Passenger must be between and 40 inches and 50 inches tall
  • Driver of the passenger must be at least 18 years old
  • Passengers are ONLY allowed on the NASCAR Junior race
  • Driver must be able to operate all controls while securely in the restraint
  • Driver must have sufficient visual acuity to operate the kart safely
  • Driver must have the ability to hold and turn the steering wheel along with foot pedal control of gas and brake
  • Driver must have control of the steering wheel and pedals at all times
  • Driver and passenger must remain seated at all times in an upright position with their back against the seatback
  • Driver and passenger must remain seated until the operator dismisses them
  • Driver and passenger must be able to fit in the seat with restraints secured
  • Arms, hands, legs, and feet must remain inside the kart at all times
  • Shoes must be worn at all times
  • Hair longer than shoulder length must be secured above shoulders
  • One rider per restraint
  • Loose articles must be secured or left with a non-rider
  • Loose articles include but are not limited to cell phones, keys, hats, purses, scarves, sharp objects, and backpacks
  • Loose articles cannot be held in your hand during the ride
  • Do not bump, skid, or slide the kart. Rough driving, ramming, or cutting people off is forbidden
  • Driver must have one fully functioning arm and hand, two functioning legs, or prosthetics which allow pedal control for both legs
  • Riders using a wheelchair must transfer themselves from the wheelchair onto the ride
  • Our ride operators do not have the specialized training to load and unload riders who need assistance
  • Casts may not restrict the rider from bending the knee or elbow and may not restrict the restraints in any way
  • For your safety and the safety of others, riders must remove medical devices that are not permanently affixed to the rider’s body, including but not limited to braces, crutches, and canes
  • Consecutive rides are not permitted. Participants must exit and return to the queue line.
  • Food and drink are not permitted on the ride
  • No service animals are allowed in the go-kart area
  • Participate at your own risk

  • Do not ride if:
  • You are pregnant
  • You have physical disabilities or poor health that may impact rider safety outcomes
  • You suffer from dizziness, motion sickness, panic attacks, or have a back or heart condition
  • You are under the influence of ANY drugs and/or alcohol
  • You suspect your health could be at risk for any reason, or you could aggravate a pre-existing condition
  • You may be affected by the forces of this ride
  • You are not able to steer or control the ride
  • You are unable to be secured by the safety restraint(s)
  • You are visibly upset

Suit up and grab a phaser. You’re about to be transported to space to carry out an important mission. Gather with your unit to strategize how to earn the most points and how to take down the other team’s home base. You’ll feel the adrenaline rushing through you as you hide behind corners and maneuver throughout the arena while trying to tag your opponents before they tag you. Enjoy state-of-the-art sound effects, atmosphere enhancements, black lights, and modern vests and phasers. Our lasers are completely safe and powered by a radio signal that is transferred from the phasers to players’ vests. When the signal is aimed correctly, the laser beam tags an opponent’s vest and points are scored.

  • Minimum height to play laser tag by yourself is 42 inches, otherwise, you must be accompanied by an adult guardian
  • No running or climbing on walls or scenery
  • No physical contact with other players
  • No laying or sitting on the floor
  • Play fair, play smart, and give it your all

  • Warning! This activity may affect any guest:
  • With light-sensitive epilepsy, due to light effects
  • With asthma, due to fog effects
  • With heart conditions, due to physical exertion

Can you think of any other family restaurant that has an indoor spinning roller coaster? We’ll let the ride speak for itself.

  • To enjoy the spinning roller coaster, you must be at least 36 inches tall
  • Persons 48 inches or taller can ride alone
  • Persons 36 inches to 47 inches tall must have an adult riding with them
  • Riders must be 240 pounds or lighter to ride
  • Persons who are pregnant or have physical impairments should review this ride for potential risks before riding
  • Persons who are visibly ill or under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted to ride
  • Only two people maximum per riding enclosure

Throw on some grippy socks and get to jumping! Our Spring Town area features 8,000 square feet of trampoline fun. Enjoy areas for playing dodgeball, freestyle jumps, shooting hoops, and launching onto our giant airbag. We even offer an exercise class! Spring Town is a place where physical activity meets family fun.

  • For safety and sanitation, we do require jumpers to wear gripper socks
  • These socks may be reused on future visits to Spring Town
  • Safety is our highest priority because we care about the families that come to our facility
  • Spring Town Trampoline Park is built to meet or exceed documented guidelines set by the American Society for Testing & Materials
  • As a member of the International Association of Trampoline Operators, our management and staff participate in ongoing safety training and stay current on the latest industry advances for trampoline safety
  • We want to provide fun things to do with family at our facility while also taking every measure possible to promote safety
  • We offer a variety of options and events for our jumpers, but we always ask that our patrons jump wisely and within their own ability levels
  • Our referees are on site at all times to enforce rules and regulations that are designed to prevent injuries
  • Failure to follow these rules and referee instructions may result in serious injury or removal from the premises
  • Socks purchased at the Spring Town desk are the only approved footwear allowed on the trampoline
  • No gum, candy, etc. are allowed in the jumpers’ mouths
  • No large or loose jewelry, studded belts, key chains, etc.
  • Jumpers must have their wristbands on their left wrist and visible while jumping
  • Pockets should be empty (no cell phones, cameras, keys, wallets, money, etc.)
  • No climbing, grabbing, or hanging on pads
  • No standing or jumping on the surface pads
  • Foul or abusive language and fighting will result in removal from the property
  • No running will be permitted in the trampoline area
  • Eyewear is prohibited on the airbag and dodge ball court unless you are wearing eyewear designed for contact
  • Do not jump if you are feeling ill, adjusting to a new medication, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Jumpers under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be removed from the property
  • For their safety, pregnant women, and persons with heart, back, neck and/or joint problems are prohibited from jumping on the trampolines in Spring Town
  • Do not sit or lie on the trampolines or pads. If you are tired and need to rest, you must exit the jumping area.
  • Jumpers are separated by size. Be aware of those around you and jump with people that are of similar size.
  • Spring Town is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken items
  • Personal socks are NOT permitted on trampolines. You must use grip socks purchased from Spring Town.
  • Spectators must stay clear of any entrance areas to the courts
  • Do not attempt to learn new “tricks” or “flips” on Spring Town trampoline courts
  • Jump on Springtown trampolines at your own risk. Flipping increases the risk of injuries
  • Single flips only on trampolines. NO BACKFLIPS. NO DOUBLE FLIPS. NO GAINER OR ½ FLIPS

This 4D simulation ride is no joke. Immerse yourself in this multi-sensory experience and you’ll likely want to ride again — and that’s nooo problem because there are several larger-than-life destinations to choose from before the ride begins. Buckle up!

  • You must be taller than 36 inches to ride
  • Maximum admissible guest weight is 350 lbs
  • This ride will not start until every guest is properly seated and secured with their seatbelt
  • All loose articles (glass, cameras, cell phones, hats, wallets, keys, etc.) should be secured or left with a non-rider
  • Cameras and video equipment are not permitted
  • Smoking is not permitted (or anywhere else in the facility)
  • Food, drinks, candies, and chewing gum are not permitted on the ride
  • Head, arms, and legs should be inside the designated seat/rider area at all times

  • You should NOT ride if:
  • You have had recent surgery or illness
  • You have a heart condition or high blood pressure
  • You are pregnant
  • You have a neck, back, or bone ailments
  • You are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • You or the attendant believe your physical condition may put you at risk

Incredible Pizza’s Frog Hopper ride makes you feel like you are jumping just like a frog. The seats on this ride elevate and drop up and down the tower and vibrate at any time just like a jumping frog in water. Hop right in and enjoy this fun activity right here!

  • You must be at least 36 inches tall to enjoy this activity
  • Only one person allowed per seat
  • Maximum weight of 275 lbs per rider
  • No loose articles of clothing or jewelry allowed
  • Safety restraint must be down, locked, and secured at all times
  • Keep hands and limbs to yourself at all times
  • No food or drink allowed

  • Warning! This activity is not intended for any guest:
  • With current or prior heart problems
  • With current or prior neck or back problems
  • With high blood pressure or at risk for stroke
  • Who is pregnant
  • Who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • With any mental or physical condition or limitations which may impair their ability to participate in this activity

Do not participate if you have any doubts about your safety
IPC is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen property
Guardians are responsible for the supervision and actions of their children at all times

This activity is a lot like a classic tilt-a-whirl ride, minus waiting in line at the scorching hot county fair. We’ve got you all set up to ride, spin, whirl, and…we hope you have a strong stomach. This ride has several two-seater encasements to keep each rider safe and secure while having an incredible time.

  • To enjoy Lost in Space, you must be at least 44″ tall and weigh less than 250 pounds.
  • Persons who are pregnant or have physical impairments should review this ride for potential risks before riding
  • Persons who are visibly ill or under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted to ride
  • Only two people to a riding enclosure
  • Walking on the ride floor while the ride is in motion is strictly prohibited
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times





“The Big Ride”

Share the stage with the Rabbids in an offbeat experience in which you’re the hero. Plunge into funny Rabbids world full of nutty tools, and make your way through a story which might change the world’s fate!


Have you ever ridden a wild animal while spinning in circles? Do you want to? Our electric bumper cars are a roaring good time. Control which way you ride and spin with levers while bumping into other riders with the car’s super durable rubber bumpers!

  • To enjoy the bumper cars, you must be at least 44″ tall and weigh less than 250 pounds
  • Persons who are pregnant or have physical impairments should review this ride for potential risks before riding
  • Persons who are visibly ill or under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted to ride
  • Only one person to a car
  • Walking on the bumper car floor while the ride is in motion is strictly prohibited
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times

Experience the classic family ride of the Tea Cups! Take a 360 spin on our Choco Tea Cup ride.

  • To enjoy Choco Tea Cups by yourself, you must be at least 36 inches tall
  • You must be at least 32 inches tall to ride and must ride with an adult

Experience Route 66 when you putt your way to fun on our indoor Glow Mini Golf Course! You learn about the U.S. as you twist and turn along Route 66. Glow Mini Golf is a strategic and safe way to enjoy a friendly competition. Joke and laugh with each other as you try your hand at each hole. Our mini-golf course is themed to have 8 stops along the way based on the interesting and historical locations along route 66. Some stops have interesting facts and information for you to enjoy. Also, the course is completely glow-in-the-dark!

  • Group Size: A maximum of 4 players are permitted per group. Please allow faster-playing groups to play through.
  • Start: All players in the group hit their first shot, then proceed together for their second shot.
  • Play: There is a 6 stroke limit per hole. The ball may be moved 6 inches from all curbs and obstacles.
  • Out of Bounds: If your ball lands outside the course, it is considered out of bounds. Please place the ball back where it left the course and take a 1 stroke penalty.
  • Safety: Please hit the ball gently. Do not make full swings with the putters and keep a safe distance behind anyone putting.
  • Food & Beverages: NOT permitted on the course
  • For Your Safety: Swing putter head no higher than knee level
  • Please walk only on the walkways provided
  • Climbing on or around structures, streams, and pools is prohibited
  • Keep an eye on all small children
  • Be considerate of others and enjoy your round
  • Please do not tee off until the group ahead of you has finished
  • Failure to follow all the rules and instructions could result in injury to you and others and loss of privileges without a refund.

The lanes are shorter, the balls are lighter, and those pins are on fire! Mini bowling is fun for people small and tall AND you don’t have to wear stinky bowling shoes for this activity — we just want to see you have a great time!

Safety is our highest priority because we care about the families that come to our facility. Please be mindful of the players around you and ask for employee assistance if you have any questions.