Frog Hopper

Top 5 things people love about this activity

1. Fun For Children and Adults Of All Ages

2. Feel Like a Frog

3. Thrilling

4. Super Fun

5. Bright Colors


Frog Hopper

Incredible Frog Hopper

Incredible Pizza’s Frog Hopper makes you feel like you are jumping just like a frog. The seats on this ride elevate and drop up and down the tower and vibrate at any time just like a jumping frog in water. Hop right in and enjoy this fun activity right here!



Safety First

• You must be 36 inches tall to enjoy this activity

• Only one person allowed per seat

• Minimum height 36 Inches

• Maximum weight 275 inches

• No loose articles allowed

• Safety restraint must be down at all times

• Keep hands to yourself at all times

• No food or drink allowed

Warning! This activity is not intendeded for any guest

• With current or prior heart problems

• With current or prior neck or back problems

• With high blood pressure or at risk for stroke

• Who is pregnant

• Who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs

• With any mental or physical condition or limitations which may impair their ability to participate in this activity

Do Not Participate If You Have Any Doubts Incredible Pizza Is Not Responsible For Lost, Damaged, Or Stolen Property

Guardians are responsible for the supervision and action of their children at all times