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Top 5 things people love about this attraction

1. Fun For Children and Adults Of All Ages

2. Special FX

3. Thrilling

4. Like a Real Roller Coaster

5. No Physical Limitations


What is XD

XD Theater

The ultimate immersive ride with real time 3D stereoscopic graphics that are combined with visual FX for an unparalleled multi-sensory experience. A motion simulated thrill ride that transcends time, space and imagination.

Why just watch a movie, when you can experience it?! XD Theater boasts 3D motion picture, realistic motion seats, wind, lighting, and sound effects – all together making your total movie-ride experience incredible!

Sneak Peak

Here is an example of one of our newest rides



• You must be taller than 36 inches to ride

• Maximum admissible guest weight is 350 lbs

You should NOT ride if:

• You have had recent surgery or illness

• You have a heart condition

• You are pregnant

• You have a neck, back or bone ailment

• You suffer from high blood pressure

• You are under the influence of alcohol or drugs

• You or the attendant believe your physical condition may put you are risk

• This ride will not start until every guest is properly seated and secured with their seatbelt

• All loose articles (glass, cameras, cell phones, hats, wallets, keys, etc. should be secured or left with a non-rider

• Cameras and video equipment are not permitted

• Smoking is not permitted

• Food, Drink, candies and chewing gum are not permitted on the ride

• Head, arms and legs should be inside the seat at all times