Safety Commitment Statement

We take the safety of our Guests and our Employees very seriously here at America’s Incredible Pizza Company. Leaders at all levels are involved in every aspect of ensuring our rides and activities are run properly and safely at all times. Our teammates clearly understand the workplace safety policies and are committed to following them every day. Our Monthly Safety Council meetings focus on not just the one area for that month, but the entire store, looking out for any area that might potentially become a hazard and immediately correcting it. Our leaders listen to their teams insight on how to make the store not only safer, but also, how to make the jobs more fun. Every member of the team is empowered to ensure that no unsafe acts happen and have the authority to stop something unsafe from occurring if they see it. Lastly, we conduct periodic reviews and inspections of our facilities, rides, and activities to ensure they are operating safely and correctly, addressing and correcting any areas of concern before an incident can occur.