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Incredible Games

Top 5 things people love about our Game Room

1. Something for Everyone

2. Transformers!

3. Winning

4. Receiving Points

5. Helpful Staff


Incredible Pizza Company is known for our extraordinary fun factor, especially with our especially with our redemption and video games. Go crazy for hours with over a 100 games of exciting adventure in our store. We are always adding new games to the mix to keep it exciting and state-of-the-art!

Newest Games

Let’s Bounce

Space Invaders Frenzy

Cargo Express

Quick Drop

Let’s Bounce: 45 illuminated tiles enticing players to step up to this challenging new game. The timer is set and 20 balls are released, our player accepts the challenge. Watch in excitement as they attempt to hit all the tiles! This game may be easy to play but it is a challenge to master. Come show us what you’ve got!

Space Invaders Frenzy: Two players wield futuristic plasma cannons to defeat waves of descending invaders to save the Earth and win big tickets! Who will you choose to join the battle?

Cargo Express: For the kiddie ride part of the machine, it offers gentle back-and-forth swaying motion. For the game portion, you have a train-themed edutainment title on the screen, the rider being able to control the speed of the train via the throttle controller. All they have to do is complete the missions to win points and tickets. They can also shoot off fireworks at the touch of a button and change the view if they want.

Quick Drop: Skillfully try to land all 50 balls in the rotating buckets. Push the drop button at just the right time to rapid fire all of the balls into the buckets.The more balls you catch the more tickets you win. Catch all 50 balls to win the progressive jackpot bonus!

Incredible Favorites

Big Bass Wheel

Jurassic Park Arcade

Tower of Tickets

Wizard of Oz

Big Bass Wheel: Reel in the Fun! Test your skill and pull the handle to spin our Big Bass Wheel. When the wheel stops your game card is rewarded automatically with tickets for our redemption center. With a perfect spin, players can win up to 1,000 tickets for an even bigger catch!

Jurassic Park Arcade: Based on the hit movie, you can enter this dinosaur filled island where over 30 species of dinosaur roam free. Using a high-powered tranquilizer gun you will need to restore order to the island on 9 exciting missions. Take on the island alone or grab a partner and see how far you can go!

Tower of Tickets: This is a classic game our players cannot resist. Win points by knocking as many tokens as you can off the playing field. Using the joystick to align the arm as you wish, launch the tokens by pushing the button. Our experienced players suggest keeping the button pressed for "Rapid Play". With seven unique cards to collect, this game will remain as timeless as the movie it is based on.

Wizard of Oz: Fun for all ages and designed for 1-4 players to test their skill. Stepping up to this game never gets old as you press a button that activates your sweeping arm and attempt to knock off a roll of tickets from the rotating playing field. Time your push just right to win a Tower of Tickets!

2 Types of Games

We have two types of games color coded with flags for you.

– Prize Games (GREEN)

– Video Games (YELLOW)

What We Offer

Here at Incredible Pizza Company we are always looking for fun and new activities for you to have every time you visit. Our game room is filled with a huge variety of games and we are constantly adding fun new games for you to enjoy. Here is an example of one of our newest rides