Go Karts With New Grand Prix Track?

Top 5 things people love about this activity

1. Open Year-Round

2. Indoor Track

3. Racing

4. Going Fast

5. Winning


Incredible Go Karts

Go Karts

Where else can you enjoy racing Go Karts any day of the week and any time of year! Incredible Pizza’s indoor Go Karts is an activity you don’t want to miss. Enjoy your beginner or speedy race while we announce your turns, spins and spills. Race against other drivers to the finish line or be a spectator in the stands and cheer on your winning car.


Go Karts

Our Go Karts are a safe and fun activity. Each Go Kart is equipped with a guard rail around the outside of the kart and is frequently maintained to be sturdy and safe for every ride. The tracks are made of concrete to simulate a real Nascar like race. There are tough guard rails along the both sides of the track to make sure your kart stays safely on the track at all times. Our small height requirement allows most anyone young and old to be able to experience the fun of racing, going fast and winning.





A fun ride where you control a go kart that races around a track with other karts.
• Driver must be at least 50" tall to drive in a NASCAR Junior race.
• Driver must be at least 54" tall, and at least 14 years old, to drive in a NASCAR Pro race.
• Passenger must be between and 40" and 50” tall.
• Driver of passenger must be at least 18 years old or the parent or legal guardian of the passenger.
• Passengers are ONLY allowed on the NASCAR Junior race.
• Driver must be able to operate all controls while securely in the restraint.
• Driver must have sufficient visual acuity to operate the kart safely.
• Driver must have the ability to hold and turn the steering wheel along with foot pedal control of gas and brake.
• Driver must have control of the steering wheel and pedals at all times.
• Driver and passenger must have the ability to enter and exit from the kart on their own.
• Driver and passenger must remain seated at all times in an upright position with their back against the seatback.
• Driver and passenger must remain seated until the operator dismisses.
• Driver and passenger must be able to fit in the seat with restraints secured.
• Arms, hands, legs, and feet must remain inside the kart at all times.
• Shoes must be worn at all times.
• Hair longer than shoulder length must be secured above shoulders.
• One rider per restraint.
• Loose articles must be secured or left with a non-rider. Loose articles include but are not limited to cell phones, keys, hats, purses, scarves, sharp objects, and backpacks. Loose articles cannot be held in your hand during the ride.
• Do not bump, skid or slide the kart. Rough driving, ramming or cutting people off is forbidden.
• Driver must have one fully formed and naturally functioning arm and hand, two functioning legs, or leg prosthetics which allow pedal control for both legs.
• Riders using a wheelchair must transfer themselves from the wheelchair onto the ride. Our ride operators do not have the specialized training to load and unload riders who need assistance.
• Casts may not restrict the rider from bending the knee or elbow and may not restrict the restraints in any way.
• For your safety and the safety of others riders must remove medical devices that are not permanently affixed to the rider’s body including but not limited to braces, crutches and canes.
• Consecutive rides are not permitted. Participants must exit and return to the queue line.
• Food and drink are not permitted on the ride.
• No service animals are allowed.
• Participate at your own risk.

Do not ride if:
• You are pregnant.
• You have relevant physical handicaps or poor health.
• You suffer from dizziness, motion sickness, panic attacks or have a back or heart condition.
• You are under the influence of ANY drugs and/or alcohol.
• You suspect your health could be at risk for any reason, or you could aggravate a pre-existing condition.
• You may be affected by the forces of this ride.
• You are not able to steer or control the ride.
• You are unable to be secured by the safety restraint(s).
• You are visibly upset.

Safety Video