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Incredible Spin Coaster

Top 5 things people love about this activity

1. More Spinning = More Fun!

2. Can Ride Any Time Of The Year

3. Exciting

4. Super Fun and Safe

5. Great Ride For All Ages


Spinning Roller Coaster

The Incredible Spin Roller Coaster is a new family roller coaster! The ride features a figure eight track design and free spinning vehicles to give riders a unique riding activity like no other of its size and type. This ride is not an activity but you can purchase a discounted ride for only $5 with the purchase of any of our Eat and Play Packages.




• To enjoy the Incredible Spin Coaster you must be 48″ tall

• Persons 48” or higher can ride alone. 36” to 47” must have a parent with them

• The weight limit of the roller coaster is 240 pound

• Persons who are pregnant or have physical impairments should view this ride for potential risks before riding

• Persons who are visibly ill or under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted to ride

• Only two people at most to a car