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All Packages Include:

  • Ticket blaster & prize wheel experience
  • A special gift for the birthday honoree
  • Invitations and Thank You cards
  • Table Decorations

Add-Ons Include: 

  • Piñata
  • Ice Cream Cookie Cake
  • Game Card Deals
  • Attraction Deal

Table Decorations Include:

  • Tablecloths
  • Cups & Plateware
  • Cutlery & Napkins
  • Party Hats

Go big for the big day!

You only get one chance to go big for your upcoming celebration, why not make it Incredible?! IPC has perfected the party experience for guests of all ages! From our private decorated party rooms, to our chef-crafted unlimited buffet and our dynamic Fairgrounds, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! A personalized party planner (available seven days a week) will help ensure your special day is perfect by securing your reservation and party host (if eligible), as well as guiding you through the party plan which includes the ticket blaster and prize wheel! Simply use the invitations included in your package to tell your guests to come join in the fun – we’ll worry about the rest. Our staff will make sure your guests will have the time of their lives faster than you can say incredible!

Book Online 24 hours in advance or Call to Book Anytime!

Memphis, Oklahoma City, St. Louis and Tulsa Packages

Epic Birthday Package


$88 Value

  • Available Every Day
  • Unlimited Buffet and Drinks
  • 6 Attractions
  • $35 Game Card
  • 1000 Tickets For Birthday Child
Extreme Birthday Package


$64 Value

  • Available Every Day
  • Unlimited Buffet and Drinks
  • 4 Attractions
  • $25 Game Card
  • 500 Tickets For Birthday Child
Supreme Birthday Package


$40 Value

  • Available Every Day
  • Unlimited Buffet and Drinks
  • 2 Attractions
  • $20 Game Card
  • 250 Tickets For Birthday Child
Incredible Birthday Package


$31 Value

  • Now Available Everyday!
  • Unlimited Buffet and Drinks
  • 1 Attractions
  • $15 Game Card
  • 100 Tickets For Birthday Child

Glow Parties

Glow Parties!

– only in Springfield & St. Louis – 

All Glow Party Packages Include:

  • Private glow room with a Incredible Party Host
  • Glow Sticks & Face Masks
  • Free Invites & Thank You Cards
  • Glow Cups & Napkins
  • Plus many glow add-on options…
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