We’re the perfect place with lots of space for group events and birthdays!

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We offer custom packages when you book ahead of time for groups of 10 or more guests. We host church groups, field trips, project graduations, graduation parties and more! We also offer lock-in’s, and full renting of our facilities for private experiences.

*Groups require a minimum of 10 guests.

Give us a call at 888-944-7657 or send us an email at parties@incrediblepizza.com for more information!

What We Include:

  • Quality Cafeteria-Style Buffet Where Required.
  • Healthy Menu Options
  • Options for those with dietary restrictions like gluten-free and dairy-free
  • Large Selection of Video Games and Attractions
  • Exciting and Safe Facility
  • Big Screen TVs for Videos or Slide Presentations
  • Climate Controlled Private Rooms
  • Full Facility Rental Available
  • Free Wifi
  • Accommodate 500+ guests!

Group Events

We host all types of events!!

  • Church Groups
  • Field Trips
  • Graduation Parties
  • Project Graduation
  • Family Reunions
  • And so much more!!


When other guests are leaving because it’s closing time, your IPC party is just getting started. Spend hours with us for youth groups, post-prom parties, and graduation events, just to name a few. You’ll be happier than a pig in mud when you book with us.

Rent Our Facility

Go big or go home, as we say here at IPC. When you rent out the facility, you can enjoy a private experience and take over IPC! Whether it’s for a holiday party or a large event, the fun is all yours.