Who We Are

Incredible Pizza Company was founded by Rick and Cheryl Barsness in 2001. Our founders grew up in the 1950’s and enjoyed that era and the family values that came from it. They incorporated a 50’s theme into the restaurant, creating a fun place with a great atmosphere. Families and friends can leave their worries at the door and create incredible memories together with great food and great fun for all ages.

Our Story

Rick and Cheryl Barsness, founders of Incredible Pizza Company, met at Cheryl’s first job in Grand Forks, North Dakota. They married and moved to Victoria, Texas where they owned 12 pizza restaurants and had 5 children. Rick attended a pizza show every year and after stumbling upon a video game convention, he got the grand idea to add games to his pizza restaurants. Soon after, a hole was knocked into the wall and they added a game room with 10-15 games. It was a great hit and next they wanted to add rides and activities to this concept. Not everyone agreed with their vision of a 40,000 square foot restaurant with pizza, games, rides, and activities.

They decided to part ways with their business in Texas and moved to Springfield, Missouri to pursue a new concept. After visiting several banks in the area with no avail at receiving the loan they needed, they visited one last bank. Against the odds, the couple was accepted for the loan. Rick and Cheryl had both grown up in the 1950s and really enjoyed that era and the family values that came out of that time period. They decided to recreate that atmosphere for families today. Their goal was to give loving families a place to be together and lose themselves in a carefree world of pure fun. Through hard work, enormous dedication, and an emphatic dream, America’s Incredible Pizza Company was born. In sticking with the 50’s theme, their restaurants have 4 themed dining rooms for families to enjoy; the diner, the family room, the Starlite room, and the gymnasium.

The diner has a 50’s theme with red and black tables and booths, illuminated by the red neon lights that border the ceiling. The Starlite Theater was fun for the family in the 50’s, so Rick and Cheryl created the themed room with big movie screens to play all the movies that played back then. In the 1950’s kids would eat lunch in the Gym, a fond memory for Rick and Cheryl, they created the Gymnasium with basketball hoops, banners, and folding chairs. Lastly, they created the theme for the Family Room based on the decorations from 1950’s TV show, “Leave it to Beaver”.

The couple decided on a 100+ Item, all-American buffet that features a salad bar, pizza, pasta, and more. When families are finished eating they can enjoy the fairgrounds, just like Rick and Cheryl did in the summers growing up. With up to 14 activities, 150 games, and a giant prize counter; Incredible Pizza Company has all the fun your family needs. Today, headquartered in beautiful Springfield, Missouri, Rick and Cheryl have opened eight fabulous locations across the Midwest and Mexico. America’s Incredible Pizza Company has been voted as the #1 Family Entertainment Center in the world, twice! Come visit one of our incredible locations today!